Saturday, May 15, 2010

I went to the store yesterday and picked the smallest line to stand in. The checker was a nice young man who looked like he just got hit by the puberty stick. 

As I inched closer checking out the tabloid headlines (Come on who doesn't?) He says "Hello Ma'am and how are you today?" Ma'am!? Ma'am?! 

I suddenly do one of those Scooby Doo flash back moments to my childhood.  Sitting in a hard cold steel plastic seat of a shopping cart with my mother. Ma'am?! that is what they said to her! Not me! I was cute, sweet, lil angel!
Yes this is really me when I was 5.

To top it all off I was buying beer in this order and he didn't even card me  . You have to look atleast 28 in order to buy tobacco products or alcohol.

I come home all depressed and defeated.
Speak nothing of this to my other half, NOTHING... NOT A DAMN WORD!
When I get home however, my other half asks me "Ma'am can I....(he wanted me to do something, frankly after I heard Ma'am I totally blocked him out) I said "WHAT?!, WHAT did you just call me?"  He said "Honey! I am from the South it is a sign of respect and just the way we were raised."
It kinda made me feel better. But I realized with everyday I'm not getting younger. And the cashier was just being polite...but can atleast lie to me and make my day by asking for my ID!

O-well Kiddies I guess with age comes wisdom...they say(however this saying I could easily debate as well)....but I personally would take getting carded over knowing E=mc squared any day!


Jarred said...

Back when I was still young enough to get carded, I used to tease the waitresses at TGIFriday's when they asked for my ID. "You're just trying to flatter me to get a better tip, aren't you?"

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