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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I read a news article the other day (click here to read article) , and then the topic, strangely enough, came up in conversation with a friend on twitter. So the Universe was letting me know that this was something I just had to Blog about.
At this time I would also like to point out that I know NONE of my readers would EVER fall for things like this.
Frankly, it really SHOCKS me that a lot of people still do though.

It is called Phishing.
(fish´ing) (n.) The act of sending an e-mail or phone call to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft. The e-mail or caller directs the user to visit a web site where they are asked to update personal information, such as passwords, credit card, social security and bank account numbers, that the legitimate organization already has. The web site, however, is bogus and set up only to steal the user’s information.

I mean it is obvious that people still do fall for these emails and calls or you wouldn't hear about them anymore. It is still, however,  very much a problem or they wouldn't make websites like http://www.hoax-slayer.com/ and even worldwide with http://www.millersmiles.co.uk/ . So the ignorance doesn't just stop in the United States folks.

I wanted to do my part to help these people. So I flew straight to my SPAM mail and picked out a few letters. I figured I would give a few HOW TO tips to spot these Phish's and fry ya up some yummy explanations.

If they are to damn cheap to pay for legitimate email address they do not have all this money they state they want to give to you. Ohhh and along that same line of thought, if you see that the website they sent you to is powered by Go Daddy.com at the bottom...it probably isn't all that legit either. 

#2 If you don't remember getting an email about being the recipient to an inheritance or multi-million-dollar business proposal it is probably because ....YA DIDN'T!
Either that or you were so gawd damn stoned out of your fucking mind you thought it was a dream. I can almost 100% guarantee you that  that just isn't the case. They also like to use the term My Dear Friend and God comes up in the mix quite a bit. Who the fuck are these people anyway and IF THE WERE MY DEAR FRIENDS they would know that I am a Pagan... at least have the decency to say God AND Goddess! Geez!

#3 It came to your spam box for a reason
Most things that are sent to spam are done so for a reason. This is due to the fact that you are NOT, I repeat NOT, the only one they sent this to! But how did they get my email address then? you ask... well let me let you in on a little secret. When you go to websites and sign up for things ... whether it is a FREE EMAIL SITE, TWITTER, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, just about ANYTHING, they have your email address. 
The fine print that everyone agrees to and they don't bother to read, usually gives that company the right to sell that information to other companies. Who in turn sells it the general public at a price. 
It's called Leads. It is all part of Marketing. And unless you live in the stone ages and you do not have a computer nor ever been on one your information is out there.... for anyone... for a price.

Now... my friend Jarred brought up a very good point. (Which btw he has an EXCELLENT blog I posted on the side under Blogs Worth Reading, called The Musings of a Confused Man) If people are still falling for these feebleminded emails and phone calls. Think what us imaginative, brilliant,  and creative people could do.  Man! These people should be singing praises that we have morals. 

I'm just sayin...

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On a totally different, side, personal note. My favorite Talk DJ is back on the air and I could not be happier.  Well I could be happier if he was closer but still! Just posting this link for posterity.


Jarred said...

All too true! There's also the fact that legitimate lawyers and government officials still prefer, you know, snail mail for anything that has legal or financial ramifications.

I'm proud to have inspired such a quality post. Of course, you get sole credit for the "quality" part, my dear. ;)

Michael Giardinello said...

You hit it spot on. One of my coworkers almost fell for a Nigerian scam. Luckily, he sensed something was not right, and asked my opinion. My coworker was selling an iPod on craigslist, and some guy asked if he could send it first and then he'd make the payment. He offered to pay double of what he was asking. I told coworker to ask for an address, acting as if he was going to send it. I googled the address, and the first page of results was riddled with the words, "caution, scam, Nigerian scam, beware, craigslist scam".

Whenever I'd know someone was trying to scam me on the Internet I liked to play with them. I'd act really enthusiastic, and embed some disinformation in the emails. I'd keep it going as long as I could. When I stretched it as far as I could, I'd send them an email like, "Not only are you a scammer, but you're a bad scammer. You don't even deserve the title, "con-ARTIST", because you're no artist. Your cousin is the impending prince of Nigeria? Are you serious?"

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