How is the Divine revealed to us?

Thursday, May 27, 2010
I wasn't going to get all religious and philosophical on everyone however this is a question I get quite a bit from other acquaintance when they find out I am a Pagan.
The best article I found that puts it into terms that are quite easy to understand is here at this site (Click here for the article)

"How is the Divine reveled to us?" in Abrahamic religion the Divine is revealed largely through a set of prophetic scriptures. But seeing as most paganisms don't have, and never had, much of that, they might have a set of traditional tales, those tales, might have been reinterpreted by a set of poets from tribe to tribe, portion of the world to portion of the world.

That was the passage from the article that is usually the basis for every religious discussion I have, usually amongst my Christian friends.

How do I know what the Divine is and that it even exists?
I am sure the generic answer is your faith. Which is the most popular answer I get from all religious discussions.
I see the Divine in every sense.
When I wake up...
I see the light and the rays carrying tiny dust particles through the air.
I hear the birds sing.
I feel the warmth of my covers.
I smell the coffee from my automatic coffee maker.
I taste the salt off my partners skin as I kiss him while he sleeps.

I see the beauty in all things and people, I also see the destruction to all that beauty in an environmental disaster and self destruction in drugs and alcohol.

I hear the message of the Divine in a symphony of music and a child's cry for attention. I also hear tragedies and perils that befall so many of rage and bigotry.

I feel the closeness of the Divine when I get a chill from a feather floating lightly across my skin, I feel it's rage when I don't respect it and get burned by the sun.

I smell it's existence when I get a whiff of fresh baked bread and it whisks me back to my grandmothers kitchen. Yet I am reminded when I smell death all around me that this plane is only one part of my journey.

I can taste the mixture of ingredients that Gaia gives willingly and brings my taste buds to life, I also can taste the blood from my tongue when I bite it to hard to keep me from screaming at someone's blissful ignorance.

In short I am just one single proof of the Divine's existence and so are you. And everyone and thing on this planet and not just this Universe but the several that are out there. The Divine's power is limitless and flows through us freely. I just choose to recognize it as a gift and plan on using that gift to its fullest ability. And by my never ending search of imagination and knowledge it unlocks more mysteries that are kept from those ignorant enough to follow blindly without asking their own questions.

That is how I know the Divine exists. 

Do you agree? How would you explain it? If you don't agree what are your viewpoints? Leave a comment or email me at

Blessed Be )o(


Michael Giardinello said...

Very insightful article. I liked how you point out that the divine is essentially in the details. There's so many things that are so easy to take for granted. There's beauty all around us. We may sometimes think of it as mundane, but an outsider may look at it as surreal and exotic. It's important that we try to look at things with fresh eyes. And yes, like you point out, there's also the negative that tries to darken the beauty.

Arianne Willow Edeline said...

Aww but negative is also part of the Divine. It is the type of Yin and Yang we struggle to find the middle ground. As humans, free will and emotions sway us from one extreme to another and we must try and find that balance. It has been re veiled to me that the Divine sees it all in black and white with no judgement. So without one we cannot learn to appreciate the other. As unfortunate, in some cases, it may be. Without bad... we cannot have good.

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