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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So I am driving home from work after a spectacular day! -If you follow me on twitter you will know that is not the case- Anyhoodle! Driving home and I hit it... Noooooo not the Fucking Fairies! Traffic!
Now to live here you have to know the area and the amount of traffic your dealing with. 
Here let me draw you a picture for you.

Everyone whos anyone wants to work in Washington DC. So in the morning everyone is driving into the city. Traffic is a nightmare starting from 6:00 am to about 10:30 am on the major roads and even the side streets.  Now the opposite happens (turn the arrows out in your mind) from about 3:30 pm until about 8:00 pm.
Being the smart cookie that I am and that my A.D.D. makes me think 20 steps ahead instead of 3 I moved to Alexandria and kept my job in Fairfax.  Here let me draw you another map for you...
So in the morning I am going against the traffic trying to come in in the morning time :) and at night....
I am going back toward DC instead of going out. I actually learned all this when I lived in Chicago for a bit. Learned my lesson is more like it. Let me tell you there are only 2 seasons in good ol Chitown...Winter and Construction. However, that is another blog. Moving on...

So I hit traffic going home?! What is going on?! Is there a event that I don't know about. I didn't have the news on so I wasn't quite sure if there was anything major had went down. Then I saw it.  ACCIDENT AT EXIT 3A.

Of course! Everyone is playing their favorite sport here in NOVA (Northern Virginia) RUBBERNECKING!
    rubberneck [ˈrʌbəˌnɛk] Slang

1. a person who stares or gapes inquisitively, especially in a naive or foolish manner
2. a sightseer or tourist
(intr) to stare in a naive or foolish manner

By doing this it slows traffic down to a dead HALT. It drives me insane. And this will be the only time you ever see me posting a video of something like that because I do not do it. Just did it this time to prove a point and of course write about it in my blog :)


John said...

When I lived around the beltway, I worked in Baltimore & lived in Laurel (a town where something like 75% of all of the white-collar employees work in DC), so I'd zip on home, happy as a clam, watching the other direction just be stalled. Of course, every other week there was a train fire or an overturned police car or something outrageous that made getting into or out of Baltimore a chore.

Jarred said...

And don't forget that there are those people who will make a special drive out there just to see the accident. Or maybe that's just a rural PA thing?

Arianne Willow Edeline said...

@John Yeah I feel ya. I have some friends who live in Laurel and it seems like something is always going on.
Thanks for Commenting :)

@Jarred OH I KNOW THEM TOO! They have police scanners in their home and CB's in their cars just for that very reason! It is like storm chasers on accident detail!
Thanks for commenting :)

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