Really?! No I mean Seriously?!

Friday, May 14, 2010
So I was going through the drive thru of my local fast food restaurant, you know the one, with the big golden arches...
Nooooo not that one!
Anyhoodle, this C, U, N, TOLEDO pulls up at the stop light blocking the box for any of the cars to get out of the restaurant.  Now this is a rather long light, so as you can imagine everyones frustration at the dinner hour to get out or even to the window to pay, much less get their food.

She looks over and realizes what she has done and tries to scootch up. She is not really helping matters at this point as she has no more room to move unless she wants to kiss the guys bumper in front of her. So she sits back in her drivers seat and mustards up the best "I have no idea what you honking at" look and stares blindly forward.

So as I am sitting there munching down on my Chicken nuggets....mmmm golden delicious fried white meat of yummy goodness..... my A.D.D. kicks in and my mind wonders. Figuratively speaking who is blocking my box? I read the newspapers, magazines, online stuff...listen to podcasts and watch television. I try very hard to stay on top of the news. But whatever they are writing, stating or video taping, it truly is only from one perspective. What are these people blocking from society as a whole? Are they telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And who's truth? Sad part is most of society these days take that truth as gospel without even exploring any other avenues to which the true answer may lie. Or at least an answer that would suit them better. So they take it as gospel and find reasons to either grab a pitchfork (as a mentor of mine would say), or a protest sign and jump on the bandwagon! They march away and when they get questioned about whatever it is they are picketing about they take the same blind mentality, sit back in their drivers seat and mustard up the best "I have no idea what you talking about" look and marches blindly forward. I am not talking about the ones that truly do their research and believe in their cause whole heartingly. I am talking about the ones who sign bills who have ABSOLUTELY no clue what is in the bills they are signing! Then when questioned why they have no reasonable answer. (See I told you this was a very long light, either that or I think quickly)
So Really?! I mean Seriously..who is blocking your box?


Fire Lyte said...

Love the article, my dear. Keep writing! Find YOUR voice!

Great start.


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